April 12, 2014

Open to it

We wake to birds singing. Today, they have decided, is the day. They don't remind me of orphaned chicks but instead of possibility and I get up before I need to and head downstairs. I see a small child outside on a bike and check the helmet and it is not one of my boys, but it might be. Later this morning I return to a wide open house. The garage door is lifted and someone, I'm guessing Leo, has pulled out a variety of objects: sewing machine pedal, dumbells, bucket. Each of these sits in Read more [...]
April 10, 2014

Anna Rosenblum Palmer: A football story

Dear Fred, Paul, Andy, Kevin, and that other guy: Andy asked me to call in after I donated to his Marathon Fund. I decided to write instead because I don't think my story will make for good radio. Still I felt compelled to share it because there are probably lots of others like me. My father, a sculptor always had a studio in our house. The after school soundtrack of my life was whichever two yahoos he was listening to on sports radio yelling at each other. It was AM in those days, and his Read more [...]
April 9, 2014

What I am doing the last two weeks I am in Vermont

I will be carelessly packing boxes for Steve to tsk tsk over, figuring out if we really should move our one remaining cat across country and drying my tears for much of May. When that last week hits and it is finally warm in Vermont I will be extending my focus beyond the mess of my family’s move. You can find me, two talented actual teachers and a group of Burlington High School students piloting our Philanthrome progam. Over the past 18 years I have worked with many of Vermont’s non profit Read more [...]
April 8, 2014

The annoyance of being a grower.

I am a veritable garden of dermatological delight. I am here to finally say goodbye to the thing. Three years after we began our relationship she has become more of an annoyance than she is worth and she simply has to go. I remember this doctor from my visit February 2011. I like d her then. I like her even more now. She is pointing at my patches and spots and tabs and blooms, calling each of them nothing to worry about. She labels them to the technician in words that sound like a language Read more [...]
April 7, 2014

Cats never sleep

For the most part he is astute. When he is awake he is tuned into his world. When he is excited, which is lots of the time, he is an endless monologue of upbeat chatter. "Do you like compliments?" (no pause for response) "Because I DO like compliments." Home sick from school, cheeks red from fever, he asks if his brother is home."Is Leo back yet? I haven't heard a door but he should be home any minute. I wonder if the first thing he will do is come and check on me. But knowing Leo that will not Read more [...]
April 5, 2014

Welcome Holmes

Even though we know things are temporary we don't always behave that way. It wouldn't help much to think about our mortality every day. An occasional visit to our life span relative to the universe can be astonishing. A reminder that petty cares will not mean much in years can be a great redirection, but most of the time we act as if whatever is happening now will happen forever. Case in point: parenting an infant. That lasts 10 months, longer I guess if you call your 22 month old "baby", but Read more [...]
April 4, 2014

No more Nardo

Books on flying machines, self portraits, descriptions of renaissance men, nothing could persuade Leo to keep his nardo. It started in Kindergarten when the carefully printed chair label read LEONARDO. He almost didn't enter the classroom. "They used the nardo" he hissed at me. "Lets go talk to the teacher, I'm sure we can explain that you prefer to be called Leo." "I don't PREFER to be called Leo. Leo is my name. I have no nardo." He had given it away that summer. We had a kitten Read more [...]
April 1, 2014

Its all real-ative

A response to my most consistent criticism. I am obnoxious and privileged and don't live in the real world. My most obvious response is not particularly enlightening. Stop reading. There is more to consider though. So I will. In a world were everything is relative one fact we can begin with is that everyone reading this blog is lucky. Some commenters say that dealing with millions of dollars instead of 100s of dollars makes me out of touch. With some struggles for sure. But what about Read more [...]
March 31, 2014

9 Years

I am a light sleeper. It balances out Steve, who can sleep anywhere and through anything. Nine years ago last night I was visiting my mother in Boston. I was 33 weeks pregnant and it was mid week. I had closed the Waiting room 6 weeks earlier, on Valentines day. An appropriate day for endings. So I left Steve behind and drove the three hours to my mother's loft. We strolled through Cambridge, had dinner at a Mexican joint which I will never visit again, and hit the sack early. Something woke Read more [...]
March 30, 2014

What I do do

More heat in hot places, more cold in cold places. More taxes and fewer services. A litigious society where one accident can derail a hardworking family. Increasing health care costs with decreasing compensation for the people who provide it. The modification of food so it begins to kill us instead of making us stronger. Sheltering of corporate rights and protection for the people who make choices, sometimes illegal, that focus only on the bottom line. Whole areas of cities that are given up on by Read more [...]
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